Yogananda and Omnipresence

Something that is truly important to understand about yoga and spirituality is the idea of trying to find seclusion to provide time to do spiritual work (disciplines).

Although Sadhana (practice) for Maha-Yogis (siddhas, and adepts) is ever increasingly developed (more and more time in practice, and more involvement through out the day, and life) in the Autobiography of a Yogi we see an amazing understanding from one yogi to another.

In this work we see Yogananda going to try to do Meditation (Chapter 14) and being interupted by Sri Yukteswar. Yogananda claims to have been trying to meditate, and Yukteswar says ‘Mountains’ could not help with the desire he had. He then struck Yogananda’s chest and Yogananda entered Omnipresence (Cosmic Consciousness).

Although Yogananda before being struck thought Yukteswar was speaking in a riddle, we now can see Yogananda likely was thinking that going to the Himalayas would help him develop Omnipresence.

Although this could help, often those who are developed in Sadhana, and those in the mountains have gone through years, and likely lifetimes of Sadhana to dissengage habits, thoughts, limiting belief and ego that would destroy any attempt at practice (or even life) of one unprepared to enter the Himalayas that wanted to begin practicing yoga.

This is not to deter you if you wish to go to practice yoga in the mountains (or seclusion), merely that anytime and any place is a good place to put time into Practice and Sadhana.

If Yogananda could attain Omnipresence by staying at an Ashram and doing daily task and additional time spent in Yoga then you can also prepare yourself for liberation/moksha by taking time out of your daily life to set aside time for spirituality and yoga.

Remember any time and most any location is great for doing yoga. As my teacher suggested the home is the ashram!

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